4x4 Offroad Academy
Green Standards
TETA Accredited 4x4 Off-road Training Provider
TETA 10 - 113
(Full Accreditation + RPL Centre)
New exiting 4WD courses, some only we can offer.
General Enrolment ; Schedule for Basic or Advanced

New ! Get your DCC Online - we are currently the only off-road company to provide off-road training online.
practical assessment still required)
R750, excluding use of track which maybe in the region of R150 depending on the assessment venue.
More info. Enroll for this course.

Get your DCC through RPL - we are currently the only off-road company to provide RPL
Training for experienced drivers

Master 4x4 Driving Skills
Requirements Master 4x4 Driving Skills
This course is the most comprehensive 4x4 training you can get in Southern Africa.
SAQA Unit Standards
U254135 :Apply the techniques for operating 4WD vehicles in on-road and off-road conditions
U254154 :Apply the advanced techniques for operating 4WD vehicles in off-road conditions
We offer the following :
Recognition of prior 4x4 learning for experienced drivers
Complete 4x4 Off-road training - accredited and certified
External moderation
Assessor Induction
Instructor training
MOU options for 4x4 training companies and external facilitators
SA Qualifications Authority
General Enquiries
Head Office : PO Box 1515
Bellville 7535 , Western Cape
For the first time in South Africa, there are SAQA standards for 4x4 off-road training. This should be a relief for beginners , contrary to the past where trainers have all their own curriculum. Experience drivers can get accredited against the unit standards through RPL (recognition of prior learning). Very soon will accredited training be your passport to eco-sensitive areas. However, this should not be the only reason to get accredited. The safety of you and passengers should be the most important factor. Incentives exist for accredited drivers in that some insurance companies will grant discount on premiums.

4x4 Offroad Academy  is an accredited training provider which is also extensively involved in creating standards for sectors in the 4x4 industry. Accredited and Certified 4x4 training under the 4x4 Offroad Academy  will be soon available in all provinces. We are proud to announce the Master 4x4 Driving Skills course for the 4x4 enthusiast which is the most comprehensive 4x4 off-road course you can get in Southern Africa.
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4x4 Training Workshops in Cape Town and Gauteng
4x4 Off-Road Reference Manual -
Complete Training Manual, page through the book
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